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I'm a 21 year old college student that resides in North Carolina.
This is my blog. Feel free to ask me for advice or ask a question in general, I'll answer to the best of my abilities. :)

No matter what

I can’t wait for this last semester to be over. Then again, I don’t want to let go wasting my days being a kid and playing video games either. :/ 
No matter what though, I just want to be home.

I was just told…

That I shouldn’t curse because it doesn’t look nice coming from a girl.


Can I just make it perfectly clear that I am not going to respect anyone or “make the one who watches comfortable” if the person it regards is a hypocrite, a racist, a homophobe or a bigot?

If you come to my channel and expect special treatment just because you like what I do, and think you can freely say bullshit like this in my comments, quite honestly just light yourself on fire. That’s about how much worth you have to me.

As for the topic of religion, I personally do not believe in any of them and usually I wouldn’t care if you do, but if your religion gets in the way of allowing the happiness of someone else, your religion fucking sucks.

Thus saying, I’ve seen plenty of people in the comments announcing their religion and saying they wish them a happy marriage and a good life. That, I can perfectly get behind.

I’ve been a long time follower of mangaminx/therpgminx for about 4 years now. I stand behind this post full heartily. 

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First post in about a year

I almost deleted this account because of how cheesy it is looking back on it. Doesn’t really matter though, I can see how much things have improved. Just an update though, about to graduate from school this semester. Thank freaking god.


For Mangaminx! Check out her channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRPGMinx

Almost 15,000 Minxlings!


Almost at 15,000 Minxlings guys! Spread the word, keep being the best fans in the world! And heres to 20,000 and overtaking my old channel! Thank you for all your support!

Extremely late update

Hey people, I know I haven’t been on in forever. But anyways, how in the world did I get 20 more people following me in my absence? 

Plus, if anyone is curious to ask me questions, advice and what not feel free to

Quick update!

Just to let everyone know that I’m back in North Carolina from my long trip with Alex in California.

To my followers

I’m leaving for California today with Alex for 17 days to meet some of his family at a wedding. So just a warning, I probably won’t be on tomorrow or as frequent for these next few weeks. Please continue to send me messages. I’ll check my Tumblr everyday to answer them. :) Thanks guys!

Everything about you is beautiful.
Guess where I’ll be Friday for 17 days? California with Alex! :DDD I absolutely cannot wait!

Please reblog this if you’re an LDR blog? I’d like to make more friends in the LDR community and stuffs so yeah :)

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Alex’s Rupert! :D

I promised Him I will never leave him play games when we are together. Or atleast will disturb him and interrupt him all the time. <3

Both of us are always play video games interrupting each other and competing.